Online Spoken English (Trainer) Training/Classes for Working Professionals, Students, Businessmen, Housewives and NRIs.

Online Classes/Sessions conducted through Skype.
Flexible Class Timing.

Important Highlights of Online English Course?

: Basics of Grammar
: Revision support
: Mp3 Support
: PDF support
: Personal attention
: English Verbs
: English Phrasal Verbs
: English Idioms
: Pronunciation
: Presentation on topics
: Common Conversation
: Fluency Development
: 1:1 and Group options
: Letter Drafting
: Email writing
: Personality Development

Who can join ?
-Working Professionals
– People in any part of the world

What are the benefits of the course?
: You can do it as per your own convenience
: This is a practical course
: Flexibility of time
: Guaranteed results
: Affordable fees
: Offline support as well

About the online English (ESL) course.
Importance of English cannot be denied in today’s globalized competitive world. Different people want to learn English for different reasons. Although they have a desire to learn, they do not get the suitable environment for learnig and practicing English. Here our practical, result oriented, customized and affordable English course will be useful to them. It is offered by the international English training centre. It focuses on your needs. Most importantly, it teaches you how to Speak English Fluently and how to write it effectively. We help you learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This course will open new vistas of career for you.