Online IELTS preparation courses, 7/8/9 band score in IELTS writing, English for Business.

We have been in the field of training  IELTS aspirants for last 15 Years. Our Online IELTS Preparation Courses are totally result oriented, our main concern is your success, so we work hard to boost up your level of confidence. For every individual, we design the online IELTS course as per his/her skills. We are different from others because we work with you closely to make you comfortable while learning and eliminate your weaknesses at the same time.

1.Target 7/8/9 band score in IELTS Writing:

This course is designed for the students who generally get 6 or 6.5 band score in writing. This course will help you identify your weak links.We will give you support  in terms of vocabulary, grammatical range and accuracy, coherence and cohesion and in achieving task response. You can submit the assignments daily. You will receive the complete feedback; even audio feedback is provided where it is necessary. Tutorials, model answers, and strategies are provided to help you accomplish your dream score. You can visit the  following links to see the feedback provided to the students by us. We give you essay writing tips and guidelines.

2.Target 7+ in Reading module:

This course will teach you the time management techniques, strategies for tackling True/False/NG, Giving Heading to paragraphs, Gap fill, short answer and multiple choice questions. Now you need not struggle to get the desired score in IELTS Reading module (Academic/General).

3.Target 7+ in IELTS Speaking:

Opportunity to practice mock full-length tests with the Senior IELTS trainer, specially prepared audio and written material to help you improve your Fluency, Grammatical accuracy, Pronunciation vocabulary. Now getting a good score in IELTS Speaking is not difficult. We will guide you to improve your Speaking score to the desired level.You will receive free e-books and audio books prepared by us.

4.Complete online IELTS course:

This course covers the complete preparation of all 4 modules viz: Listening, Reading, writing and Speaking. All the above modules are integrated into this course along with the Listening module.

5.English foundation+ IELTS Preparation course:

This course will provide complete grammar and vocabulary support along with the above-mentioned courses.This is a long-term course.

6.English for Business:

No one can deny that English for business is very important. English has become the global language of Business world. In order to facilitate communication and business deals across geographically diverse functions and teams, many multinational companies expect their existing and prospective employees to be well-versed this corporate language.

Companies which aggressively seek globally competitive professionals would not only prefer hiring the people with good proficiency in English but also would probably put them on the fast track career. It should be the wake-up call for all those who haven’t taken steps to improve their English Proficiency.

But how do you get the training to sharpen your English skills in the Geographically diverse world. Here at E-Learning Solutions, we offer you the opportunity to avail online English training through Skype, Google hangout/ Yahoo Messanger and Video/Audio Chat supporting mobile devices no matter in which part of the world you are, irrespective of the time zone.