Online IELTS Preparation and Training, Dates for IELTS test 2016, Class Room Training and online IELTS Lessons.

Online IELTS preparation and training is an interactive learning program. Our teachers work very closely with you to help you accomplish your target band score. It’s main focus is on improving individual’s score step by step. That is the reason we have customized it to suit your needs. Our philosophy is to help you accomplish 7/8/9 band score. We believe that trinity of Accuracy-Presentation and Vocabulary is very essential in the same order to achieve a respectable score in IELTS test.
Our online IELTS preparation and training course identifies your strengths and problem areas; we strengthen your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. It is a hi-tech course which combines the best features of Class Room Training and Online IELTS Lessons.

Our 15+ years experience in IELTS training and couple of years experience in online IELTS training ensures your success. Understanding individual needs and attention are the key features of this online IELTS training course. We have a well researched system and well established IELTS resource creation laboratory. Online IELTS training program is a positive step which will help you realize your long cherished dream of immigration, PR, higher studies or professional registration as a doctor or a nurse. The admissions are on first come first served basis.

Dates for IELTS test 2016

IDP Bhopal, (M.P.) IELTS Academic Test dates, 2016.

18 Feb, 2016; 05 March, 2016, 02 April, 2016, 19 May 2016.

IDP Indore, (M.P.) IELTS Academic Test dates, 2016.

19, March 2016.

IDP Bhopal, (M.P.) General Training Test dates, 2016.

18 Feb, 2016; 05 March, 2016, 02 April, 2016, 19 May 2016.

IDP Indore, (M.P.) General Training Test dates, 2016.

19, March 2016.

Our recent achievers who scored 7/7.5/8/8.5 band score in IELTS test.

Himanshu Bansal score- 7.5 band score, 9 band score in Listening.
Abhilash Jaiswal.
Mrs. Anuradha Mahadik score- 8 band score, 9 band score in Reading.
Dr. Manisha Chouhan-8 band score in Academic.
Dr. Mahima Indulkar – 8 band score in Academic.
Dr. Parth Shukla -8 band score in General Training.
Mr. Ankur Joshi-7.5 overall Lovepreet Singh 8.5 band score in Academic Reading and overall 7.5.
Dr. Amruta Gupte – 7.5 in Academic
Mihir Jain -7 band Score in Academic Module.
Neelesh Kumar Singhal and Mr. Tej Anand-7.5 band Score in General Training.
Mahek Dhoot- band score- 7
Dr. Lisa- band score 7
Amandeep Singh Deol – band score 7